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About Interstate Special Events

Visit our showroom at Interstate Special Events located in Portland Oregon

Interstate Special Events was started in 1983 to provide a unique inventory of rental items for the staging of social and corporate events in the greater Portland metropolitan area.

Originally a division of Interstate Rentals, ISE’s development throughout the 1980s and into the ’90s inevitably led to the purchase of a tent company in 1993. The two divisions became formally independent of each other in 1996, when the equipment/tool rentals side moved into larger and more accommodating premises. In 2007, ISE followed suit, consolidating all its inventory in a new location — the 1518 NE Lombard Place warehouse where you find us today.

A family owned and operated business for three generations, we are especially proud of the many "like family" employees that have come on board over the years, equal team associates who form the backbone of ISE. We are currently an extended family of over 70 staff members who share an aspiration to excel in the Portland, Oregon special-events industry. Together, we demonstrate daily the core principles of caring, collaboration, and stellar customer service that have kept us growing in this field for 41 years and counting.